Our Story

Every grape that goes into a bottle of Daybreak has been handpicked. The reason for this is simple. Only through handpicking can we ensure that each grape is harvested at its peak moment of ripeness. Doing this ensures that every grape that goes into a bottle of our wine is able to offer up the full richness of its distinct flavor.When you first sample a bottle of Daybreak, you’ll be immediately struck by the luscious flavors and the velvety mouthfeel. First impressions only set the stage. As college essay one sip of our elegantly crafted vintages follows the next, the full complexity of flavor that we’ve packed into each bottle will become apparent. Because of this you’ll find that experiencing our wine is like a journey of flavor, the ideal for those who savor wine.

As your mouth becomes filled with layer after layer of flavor, you’ll find that the soft yet firm tannins linger. This gives our wines a distinct velvety and psychology-essays.com soft finish. No matter what kind of wine you enjoy, you’re sure to find a psychology-essays.com vintage among our offerings that’s suitable for your palate. We work in small lots because we believe that a bottle of wine is not merely a beverage, but a work of art.

About Our Harvesting Process
The old traditions of winemaking are beginning to fall by the wayside as new, more inventive methods rise into prominence. We’re proud to be on the forefront of the latest winemaking innovation, night harvesting, which has become increasingly popular in the region we call home.

The Central Valley, which is where Daybreak sources its grapes, is an ideal region for producing fine wines of rich and deep complexity. However, traditional methods of harvesting – wherein grapes are harvested at the end of summer or in the early fall – have proved problematic for many vineyards in the region. During these times the climate in the Central Valley is uncommonly hot, which can have dire consequences for the flavors of the grapes that are grown there.
That’s why we have begun to use the night harvesting process. By doing this, we’re able to limit the amount of oxidation that takes place during the harvesting process which, in turn, helps to preserve the rich flavor of the grapes that we grow. It may seem like a simple thing, but when the first taste of our wine hits your tongue you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Our Premiere Bottle of Wine
By using the night harvesting process, we’ve been able to elevate the quality of our wine to incredible levels, with many believing our vintages to be some of the finest in the world. With grapes grown in Central Valley, those with an appreciation for fine California wines are able to experience flavors as they’ve never experienced before.
If you’d like to sample some of the finest California wines, we’d encourage you to order a bottle or several from among our selection. Amid the rolling hills of grapes and the ideal climate, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with our wine and that you’ll appreciate the amount of love that’s gone into handcrafting each and every bottle.

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